December 08, 2011


As well as the Halftime Quiz and Leo Cullen competition this weekend, the Emerald Rugby HEC Prediction League returns.

If you are one of the 33 entrants, be sure you get your predictions in well before the matches kickoff.

Remember - the first prize of a year's subscription to Emerald Rugby magazine does NOT necessarily go to the winner of the Sportguru pool!

The Heineken Cup pool phase has six rounds.  If you win a "yellow cap" in any of these rounds (ie get the best score in that round) then you go through to the "playoffs".  

Then when the pool phase is finished, the yellow cap winners are joined by the highest scorers on the overall table to make 8 qualifiers; their scores return to zero and their predictions for the HCup knockout rounds will determine the prize winner.

This is to give everyone a chance to qualify for as long as possible.  Even if you find yourself bottom of the overall standings going into Round 6 you can make it!  

Just look at Teester - he was second from bottom overall after round one yet brought it back to win the yellow cap in round two and thus is so far the only guaranteed playoff qualifier! (Note - he'd still want to be careful with his predictions for the next few rounds - overall score could come in useful in the playoffs as a tiebreaker!)

The latest top standings are in the sidebar, or you can follow this link to go to the Sportguru side to see the full table and make your predictions.

Best of luck to everyone! JLP