January 24, 2012


Above you'll see the standings after the first round of the Emerald Rugby Magazine League.  Already a 3-point gap in the playoff places but still a full six rounds left so plenty of time to catch up.  

Remember - the key is not only to be fast with your answer, but to collect bonus points by answering at least two questions in a row.  In other words, all of the top 18 on the standings will get the bonus if they correctly answer Question 38.

Check the sidebar for news of Question 38.  The clue will be published on Tuesday, January 31.

Finally below you'll see the 8 qualifiers for the other ongoing Emerald Rugby competition, the Sportguru Prediction league.  

After getting through to the final round thanks to their top tipping in the Heineken Cup pool stages, they will now be judged on how they forecast the quarters, semis and final to see who gets the prize.