March 03, 2012


Once again we have two Halftime Quiz questions in the same weekend, but this time there's some space between the two so they can actually be counted separately.

Well done to the winners in the first round of the Emerald Rugby Magazine League playoffs...they now square off in round two during the France v Ireland match on Sunday.

As we all know, the match in Paris was re-arranged, but the question that was planned for it won't be.  It will be exactly the same as the one that was scheduled for that icy Saturday night a few weeks ago.

And don't forget...the question isn't just for those in the's for everyone as there are also points on @TheBathBar League table (see previous post) up for grabs, though you'll want to get your answers in quick to score well as those playoff contenders will be poised ready to answer first!

So here's a reminder of the clue.  I have a feeling you will want to take care and read the question carefully before you answer.  Best of luck! JLP