March 29, 2012


When it comes to Leinster rugby fansites, has to be the leader of the pack.  

Especially when you consider the quality of columnists they have, like for example some guy that writes for them every Friday who's name escapes me [ahem] ;-)

Seriously though, they have recently re-vamped their site and to celebrate they are offering to sponsor the final HalfTime Quiz game of the 2011/12 season.

Normally we run a monthly game, but with so much uncertainty over the number of games in May we have decided to combine it with April into one big game which will be known as "The League", and it will kick off with Question 48 on or around halftime in this Saturday's big match at Thomond Park.

We are yet to receive official confirmation of the Grand Prize, this will be announced later.  But to be in with a chance to win, you will first have to make the playoffs, and there will be a slightly different format to do so than nomral.

The game will run with the same points system as always, and as it has been for the past couple of months, eight will qualify for the playoffs. BUT! There's a twist...

Should a question fall during a "knockout" fixture for Leinster, whoever answers it 1st will qualify directly to the playoffs (as well as getting their league points), EVEN if they go on to pick up a "red card" from the game.

The remaining playoff places will be taken up by those at the top of  the league standings. This format should ensure that everyone has a chance at the grand prize right up to the last possible moment.

The playoffs themselves will take place during Ireland's 3-test series with New Zealand, as you can see by the schedule below. (not all the questions have numbers yet, depends on how Leinster get on!)

1 Mar 31 Munster (Q48)
2 Apr 7 Cardiff (Q49)
3 Apr 13 Edinburgh (Q50)
4 Apr 20 Ulster (Q51)
x Apr 27/28/29 HC SF (Qxx)
x May 5 Newport GD (Qxx)
x May 11/12/13 Pro12 Playoff (Qxx)
x May 19 HC F (Qxx)
x May 26/27 Pro12 F (Qxx)
PO1 June 9 New Zealand (Qxx)
PO2 June 16 New Zealand (Qxx)
GF June 23 New Zealand (Qxx)

Of course Question 48 also has a different meaning for eight tweeters in particular - they are the ones battling it out for 1st prize in @TheBathPub League.  Check the previous post for details on the 1st round matchups.

All that's left to do is for me to publish a picture that acts as a bit of a clue for this weekend's question! Be sure and have a go and best of luck! JLP