NB : HarpinOnRugby unriggable raffles are restricted to residents of the Island of Ireland only unless otherwise stated.

In the picture you see a grid from the "unriggable raffle" used for the 2011 Rugby World Cup final between New Zealand (N) and France (F).

There are 100 spaces on the grid.  Each space has its own grid location, eg N8F7.

The final score of the match determines the winning square, taking only the last digit in each team's score.  So because the final score of this match was New Zealand-8 France-7, that means the winning square was N8F7, but it also would have been if the score was New Zealand-18 France-27 or New Zealand-38 France-17, etc.

If a competition has less than 100 entrants, the grid is filled one of two ways:

(a) if it is for charity, the grid is filled proportionately depending on the size of donations. 
(b) if it is not for charity and everyone has an equal entry, then an extra square is given to all contestants in the order in which they entered.  In other words, the sooner you put your name in for a competition, the better chance you have of getting an extra square.

Entries MUST close for a grid at least TWO HOURS before kickoff in the match in question so it can be posted on the blog for all to see their grid location.